Detection of Aflatoxin on Food & Feed Stuffs

Aflatoxin is one of the deadly toxin produced by the greenish mold Aspergillus flavus when it grows on food and feed materials . Consumption of toxin contaminated material is known to cause very serious health problems including cancer in humans and animals.

Generally animals get the toxin when they are fed with the toxin contaminated groundnut cake or cottonseed cake. Humans derive aflatoxin by eating spoiled groundnuts, unrefined groundnut oil, coconut oil, maize, and milk of cows which have eaten contaminated feed.

There are incidences of huge consignments of Groundnut cake, spices etc rejected or withheld for the presence or suspected presence of aflatoxin. Hence every exportable commodity should be analyzed for Aflatoxin.

Aflatoxin can be determined by TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography) Method
The lower limit of determination is 10 μg/Kg.

The analytical Method involved the following steps:
  • Sampling and sample preparation
  • Extraction
  • Purification / Clean up
  • Development / Separation
  • Quantification / Confirmation.