Quantity Inspection

Agminol inspection and testing services meet the requirements in various fields involving export and import commodities. Agminol is a third party Inspection to conduct Pre-shipment Inspections and supervise cargo loading, discharging, weighing and screening. Sampling and testing are performed based on relevant standard as specified by the contract as required.

Our pre-shipment inspection services can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, but all serve to ensure that your product is packed, loaded and shipped according to your specification. Our Qualified personnel are ready to provide services including supervision, weighing, sampling and testing. They are qualified to issue certification of condition, weight and quality. Our experts can be on site at warehouses or port terminal to screen the condition, weight and grade of goods according to accepted standards.

Agminol’s independent inspection, surveying and testing help protect the quantity and quality of high value commodities for Agminol’s clients. Weighing and inspection for conformity, sampling, sample preparation and testing processes are completed to international standards for certification.